2020 Pool Season Update

We wanted to provide some updates and reminders as we count down to the final month of the pool season. The last day for pool operations will be Wednesday, September 30th. We know this was a challenging year, but we appreciate those of you who extended patience and understanding while we navigated these crazy times. 

  • NEW – You can now book MULTIPLE time slots in a single day. If you book back to back slots (ex: 4PM and 6PM) you are not required to leave during the 30min break however you are not allowed in the pool and must remain on the pool deck. Please watch your children during this time and make sure all pool rules are followed. We also ask that you think of your neighbors when booking pool slots and cancel slots you or someone in your household can not attend as soon as possible  
  • Rules and Policies – Reminder that we have special rules for this season due to COVID19. We know the vast majority of residents have been following rules and the Board and Greater Nashville Pool Management are grateful for your compliance. Please take time to review our pool policy documents here:   https://www.bentcreekhoa.org/Documents/Bent%20Creek%20Pool%20Summer%202020%20-%20COVID19.pdf
  • Questions/Concerns at the Pool –   If you see problems with the pool (water, fecal matter, something broken), have lifeguard complaints, etc., please contact Greater Nashville Pools or the Bent Creek pool committee (pool@bentcreekhoa.org).  We also ask that you treat the lifeguards with respect during this challenging time. Remember that their #1 priority is the safety of the swimmers. If you see trespassing, after-hours pool use, vandalism, under-age drinking, young children unsupervised, or anything that could result in damage or cost to the HOA or that seems unlawful, please notify the HOA Board members by emailing hoa@bentcreekhoa.org or calling Eric Pasalakis at (615) 339-4647. In case of an emergency (drowning, etc.), always contact 911.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you enjoy the remainder of the pool season.