2021 Annual HOA Board Election Results

The residents of Bent Creek met on April 26, 2021 for the Annual HOA Meeting.  The residents elected a new board, and also voted on an amendment to the HOA bylaws.

Now that Bent Creek is 100% built out there are no longer any developer positions on the board.  Also, the board expanded from six (6) board members to the full compliment of seven (7) homeowner elected board members.

The following residents were elected to serve on the 2021/2022 board for the initial one (1), two (2), or three (3) year terms based on the number of votes received.  At the end of each term limit the renewals will be for three (3) years.  This structure allows for board members to transition on and off the board without the risk of losing all the board members at a single time.  This helps maintain knowledge transfer to new board members and a consistently ran community.

Elected three (3) year term board members include:

  • Mike Arone
  • Steve Cody
  • Karen Edwards

Elected two (2) year term board members include:

  • Eric Pasalakis
  • Hillary Blake

Elected one (1) year term board members include:

  • Daniel Cline
  • Stacy Brans¬†

President for 2021/2022 – Eric Pasalakis
Vice-President for 2021/2022 – Steve Cody
Treasurer for 2021/2022 – Michael Arone
Secretary for 2021/2022 – Stacy Brans

The amendments to lower the number of residents needed to have a quorum and to include electronic voting in the future passed.  There were amendments made and accepted from the floor.  Once legal has finalized the updated amendments they will be posted to the community website and the Caliber tool.

The minutes to this meeting will be posted on the HOA website after they are approved at the next meeting in May.