2021 Annual Meeting Announcement

April 26, 2021
6:00 PM
Bent Creek Barn

As required by our Declarations, this is notification of the Annual Membership Meeting for the Bent Creek Homeowners Association. This important annual meeting gives each owner an opportunity to have an update on the business and fiscal operations of the association. 

In order for business to be conducted at this meeting, a quorum of the members must be present. To establish a quorum, 20% (164) of the Lot owners must be present in person or by proxy. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please complete the attached proxy, naming your designated proxyholder, and send it via mail (to address below), or email (mdarden@timmonsprop.com). Please carefully follow the instructions on the proxy. If the instructions are not followed, the proxy may not be counted.

There are seven (7) open positions on the board. Ballots will be distributed at the meeting during the sign-in process. Nominations will also be taken from the floor prior to the election.

We also are proposing an amendment to the By-Laws, which is linked below for your review. We are trying to find ways to have better participation in the annual meeting, so we are proposing to allow for electronic voting and to reduce the quorum for a members’ meeting.

The annual meeting date has been established as Monday, April 26, 2021, at 6:00 PM at the Bent Creek Barn located at 135 Lodge Hall Road, Nolensville, TN 37135. Registration begins at 5:00 PM.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Monday, April 26, 2021.

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021

  • Call Meeting to Order and Establish Quorum – President Eric Pasalakis
  • Introduce Board Members
  • Approval of April 2018 Annual Membership Meeting minutes
  • Nomination / Election of Board members
  • Proposed Amendment to By-Laws
    • Electronic Voting
    • Decreasing Quorum requirement
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 2020 Year-end Review
  • 2021 Budget
  • 2021 Proposed Projects
  • Results of Election
  • Adjournment

Proposed By-Law Changes

The proposed Second Amendment to the By-Laws permits electronic voting for the meetings of the Members.  It explicitly states that notices can be given electronically.  Additionally, it reduces the required quorum for meetings of Members from 1/5 to 1/10 so that we can better ensure quorum in future meetings. 

The goal is to enable more election participation from our Members by utilizing new technologies.  You may see the current language in our By-Laws and First Amendment to the By-Laws on the Bent Creek website by visiting the Covenants and Restrictions page.

You can review the proposed By-Law changes by clicking here.


We are in need of volunteers on the board as we are finally 100% built out in Bent Creek.  This opens up our final and seventh (7th) seat.  I encourage anyone wanting to help make Bent Creek better submit the nomination paperwork.  That way your information will be included in the ballot mailing later in April. The nominating form can be downloaded from here. Also, any questions about nominating or the process can be send to the Nominating Committee (nc@bentcreekhoa.org). Nominations need to be returned to Timmons or the nominating committee by midnight on April 9, 2021 for inclusion on the ballot. There will still be the ability to nominate from the floor at the meeting.


If you are not able to attend the meeting, please download and complete the proxy from here, naming your designated proxyholder, and send it via mail, or email (mdarden@timmonsprop.com).