Bent Creek Board of Directors

Bent Creek Board of Directors

The operation of your homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteers who are nominated and elected by the residents of our community.  This elected Board of Directors oversees the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association.  The Board is also responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the established covenants and bylaws of the Association.  They have specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on your property.  Please take the time to read through the Bylaws and Covenants documents you received during the home purchase process.  If you have misplaced or simply need additional copies, you will find them here on the website.

We encourage all residents to participate in any way possible to ensure that our community continues to be the kind of place that we all enjoy so very much.

We encourage you to contact the board by email so that your correspondence is viewed by all board members.  To send an email utilize the Contact Form.

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Steve Cody


I have served for many years on multiple HOA’s and I consider it an honor to serve as a volunteer to ensure the safety of our community and to protect and enhance our property value.

I strongly support and believe in having all of the dedicated committees in Bent Creek and I encourage interested homeowners to get involved and volunteer. I am firmly committed to ensuring the safety and security of Bent Creek homeowners. It is critical that Bent Creek leadership works collaboratively with local law enforcement and our fire department. 

I am also committed to following our established Rules & Regulations, Covenants, and Bylaws, to preserve and protect our property value.

Karen Edwards

Vice President

My family moved to Bent Creek in 2015. I am a stay at home mom of 2 children and a super cute dog. I have chaired the Events Committee since 2016. I like staying involved in the community and helping out where I am able.


Michael Arone


I moved to Nolensville in 2016 to pursue a job opportunity in the Finance field. I have worked in Finance my entire career, most recently at UBS, and have been lucky enough to move to some unique and fun places as part of my job. I have found that the best way to make yourself a useful part of the community is to get involved, volunteer, and generally help out wherever you can.

Hillary Blake


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Tim Bary

At Large

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David Keener

At Large

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Eric Pasalakis


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Bill Kottas


Over the past 19 years I have helped created some of Nashville’s finest communities; BonBrook, Chenoweth, Highlands of Belle Rive, Brandywine Pointe, Bayview, BonBrook, Brookfield, Bent Creek, Benington, Generals Retreat, Bridgemore Village and many more.

Bent Creek Board Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of Bent Creek has the obligation and duty to make decisions for the entire community and is responsible to set a standard and a tone for behavior that is the best interests of the entire community.

Bent Creek Board Voting Regulations

Every Owner of a Lot which is subject to assessment shall be a member of the Association. Membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot which is subject to assessment.

Bent Creek Board Fiduciary Duty Letter

The purpose of this letter is to acquaint board members with the standard of conduct that is expected of community association Board members. The law imposes certain legal obligations on all Board members.