Bent Creek Committees

If you want to learn more, you’re in the right place.  Read to learn about the several Bent Creek Committees we have and how to joining those committees.


The purpose of this Committee is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of pool patrons. This Committee is responsible for maintaining the most current Pool Rules and Regulations.


The purpose of the Social Committee is to foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other. … The responsibilities of the committee include: Brainstorm ideas for association social events & plan events for the year in advance.


The Landscape and Beautification Committee works to ensure the beauty of our community.  Committee members are not required to maintain the common areas themselves but are responsible making sure that whatever work is required is defined and completed in an efficient and satisfactory manner.


The purpose of the Communications and Website Committee is to work together with the HOA Board to inform, engage, and educate residents regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood while promoting and maintaining positive lines of communication with Bent Creek residents.  All communications will be subject to Board review.


The purpose of the Trails Committee is to promote a cohesive vision for the development and sustainability of the communities extensive trail network.  The role of the Trails Committee is to plan, implement, improve and maintain trails within Bent Creek.


Its members are responsible for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the association and enforcing the CC&Rs. They should be reviewing any applications for modifications, additions, or architectural changes in the community.