COVID-19 Vandalism and Pet Issues

We are aware that due to the COVID-19 crisis many parents have children home during this time and these children are spending extra time unsupervised in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Board has also noticed an increased occurrence of vandalism to community property and common areas since school has been canceled. We ask that you speak to your children about respecting neighborhood property and make sure they are aware that you as their parents will be held financially responsible for any vandalism they may cause. The Board asks that if you see anyone damaging common areas or community property that you email the Board immediately with details. Please realize that we can not monitor complaints in real-time posted on social media. Emailing us is the best course of action. 

Additionally, the Board has received multiple complaints about pet owners not disposing of their pet waste properly. Please make sure you are picking up after your pet. The Board has purchased several pet waste stations that are placed around the neighborhood. If you find a waste station without the appropriate supplies please email the Board as well. Remember, YOUR DOG, YOUR DOODIE, NO EXCUSES!  Thank you in advance for your time and attention to these matters.