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Board Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding the Board for Bent Creek.

The Board of Directors is established in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to act as the governing body responsible for making decisions, establishing policies, enforcing rules and regulations and deed and use restrictions and is responsible for the collection of assessments.

The Bent Creek board meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month 5:30pm.  These meetings are held at the Nolensville Town Center.

Once a quarter we have an extended meeting.  These meetings begin at 5:30 and is where the committee chairs present items to the board.  Then at 6:30 the board meets to discuss any outstanding items.  Finally at 7:30 we have a homeowners sections where ANYONE is welcome to attend and talk issues with the board.  NO prior notice is required – just show up.

The board allows invited guests during board meetings on an approval basis.  If a homeowner has business with the board that cannot wait until the next homeowners session you can request to be an invited and your topic added to the agenda.  Requests must be submitted one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Guests will not be pressured to join the board.  However, we hope you’ll like what you see and consider taking a more active role in our community.

Yes!  Your dues help pay for the cost of utilities, insurance, repair and replacement of equipment at the amenities. Your dues also go towards maintenance of each entrance, yearly community events, and more.  If you’d like a full explanation of expenses, we welcome you review the published financials on our website, or to attend our next HOA meeting where they are reviewed in detail every month. View event calendar.

NO!  Every board member has volunteered their time, effort, and sometimes out-of-pocket expenses in order to make this community a better, safer place to live.  Without their dedication and commitment, most of the activities sponsored by Bent Creek would not be possible.

The majority of Bent Creek is currently at $70 per month.

There is a small section on the Clovercroft side that is currently at $110 as they receive lawn mowing services.

We also receive a portion of the Bent Creek Cottages and Bent Creek Townhomes monthly dues so that those residents can access all amenities.

This information is current as of January 2021.


Here are just some general questions received in the past regarding Bent Creek.

We all do!  Anytime Bent Creek property is damaged, vandalized, or stolen, the money required to repair such damage must come out of the association’s resources.  Instead of using that money to improve the other amenities, it must be diverted to cover the cost of repair or replacement.  This is why it’s so important to report all suspicious activities in our community to local authorities right away.

The roads belong to the town of Nolensville thus Nolensville is responsible for the upkeep of the roads.

Please report problems to Timmons Properties, LLC at (615) 383-1777.  Or submit an online report.  All reports remain anonymous

Dogs must be kept on a leash when in public areas in accordance with the Tennessee leash laws or be subject to a fine.  Dogs should not be allowed to run free in Bent Creek.  To report non-compliance, contact William County Animal Control at (615) 790-5590, or Nolensville Police Department at (615) 776-3640.

If you have been bitten by a dog Williamson County has an Animal Bite Report form online you can fill out (

Tennessee does have a dog bite law; however, it is very complex so seeking legal council in the case of a dog bit with the help of Williamson County would be a the best course of action.


Here are some FAQs regarding Architecture changes regarding your home

Always remember to call Tennessee811 before doing any digging.  Simply dial 811 from any phone.

Yes.  Any alterations or additions to the exterior of your property must be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee.

Everyone must seek ARC approval in writing prior to making external changes to their property.  If you make changes without prior approval, your investment could be at risk.  Additionally, if your modifications are outside the guidelines of the ACC you may be required to remove or reverse the improvement(s).

Yes.  Approval from the town of Nolensville does not constitute approval from the ARC.  The committee still requires that your plans be submitted in writing for review.


Here are some FAQs about the different community amenities.

Submit a request online, call 615-383-1777 or email us at

Submit a request online, call 615-383-1777 or email us at

To ensure that others are not using it when you need it.

Yes!  Please see the pool rules and regulations for information on reserving the pool.

Pool Info

Though the fob is waterproof, it is not recommended that you take it with you into the pool.  This is because the chemicals in the pool can impact the RFID components. Our system is a passive system and does not require batteries in the fob.  Rather, they are powered by the radio signal of the RFID reader, which “wakes them up” to request a reply.

Fobs are magnetic proof – they will not become demagnetized.

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