Mailbox Information

All Bent Creek homeowners are expected to maintain their own mailbox.  The following information includes helpful links to help.  Any questions on mailbox maintenance are to be forwarded to the Bent Creek Board of Directors or to the property management company.


Bent Creek uses a Large black galvanized or steel mailbox. This type of mailbox can be picked up an a variety of home improvement stores. A common brand is Gibraltar.


Bent Creek has a custom paint color named Mayor Green. It was created at the Franklin Porter Paint store and is filed under Commonwealth Development or Bent Creek.

However, since the the pandemic and growth in Nolensville we are excited to share that the local Sherwin-Williams store has been able to recreate the formula.

You can continue to use Porter Paint, but are encourage to shop local and use the new Sherwin-Williams formula (see below).


Replacement mailbox numbers can be ordered online. The web page is set for the proper letter format and size, so all you need to do is enter your specific house number.

Bozman Sign Co.

Bozman Sign Company does offer a complete replacement service. If you rather have it taken care of professionally please reach out to Bozman Sign Company for assistance.


The post used by Bent Creek to hold the mailbox can be found at Home Depot under the name: Fancy Treated Pine Mailbox Post The cost was $41.38 as of July 2019. When installed the front of the mail box should be directly above the backside of the curb and approximately 38 inches above the curb.

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