New Amenit(ies)?

During the homeowner’s section of our last board meeting we shared the long-anticipated information regarding our next community amenity.  To see this presentation simply click on the link below…

The board anticipates many questions and that is why we are releasing this presentation for everyone to review ahead of any meetings and the vote.  How we would like to handle this:

  • Any questions can be sent directly to  There we will combine similar questions and create an evolving FAQ document that can be accessed on the community website.
  • We have scheduled the auditorium at the town hall on August 20th for discussion around the amenity.
  • The vote would be taken at the September 23rd board meeting.  You must be a homeowner in good standing (current with HOA dues) to vote.  We are working out the details on what percentage of homes must vote for this to be a valid vote and move on to implementation.  This will be addressed in the FAQs.

Once looking over everything it will be up to the homeowners of Bent Creek to vote.  That vote could be for one amenity, a combination of the priced amenities, or no new amenity.  The power is in the homeowner’s hands, but so are the costs.