Bent Creek Homeowners Association Dues

The majority of Bent Creek is currently at $65 per month.

There is a small section on the Clovercroft side that is currently at $105 as they receive lawn mowing services.

We also receive a portion of the Bent Creek Cottages and Bent Creek Townhomes monthly dues so that those residents can access all amenities.

*This information is current as of January 2019.

Board Meetings

The Bent Creek board meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month 5:30pm.  These meetings are held at the Nolensville Town Center.

Once a quarter we have an extended meeting.  These meetings begin at 5:30 and is where the committee chairs present items to the board.  Then at 6:30 the board meets to discuss any outstanding items.  Finally at 7:30 we have a homeowners sections where ANYONE is welcome to attend and talk issues with the board.  NO prior notice is required – just show up.

The board allows invited guests during board meetings on an approval basis.  If a homeowner has business with the board that cannot wait until the next homeowners session you can request to be an invited and your topic added to the agenda.  Requests must be submitted one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Guests will not be pressured to join the board.  However, we hope you’ll like what you see and consider taking a more active role in our community.


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