Pool Closed – Broken Glass

Unfortunately, we have to close the Bent Creek pool effective immediately. This closure is due to broken glass that is believed to have entered the pool. The glass was clear in color, so as a precaution we are following worst case protocol. This entails draining the pool, followed by then cleaning the entire pool surface(s). Once we feel confident that there is not any broken glass, we will then refill the pool and treat it with all the necessary chemicals.

As you would imagine this is not an easy or quick task. We anticipate re-opening the pool later in the week – possibly Wednesday at the earliest. Once we know the extent of the everything, we will follow up with a re-opening announcement. As a reminder, glass is strictly forbidden for the safety of our residents and their guests.

We would like to take this opportunity to also remind all homeowners to re-read the rules regarding pool usage. A couple of trends we are seeing this season is children under the age of 12 coming to the pool unsupervised. If this continues to be an issue Bent Creek, may increase the age of unsupervised children.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Timmons.