Pool Closed – Glass Found

Both Bent Creek Pools will be closed beginning Monday, July 15, due to the discovery of broken glass in and around the pools. We hope to have the pool reopened on Friday, July 19th.

As a reminder, glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.

To ensure the safety of swimmers, the pool will be drained, cleaned and inspected for additional glass. The 75,000-plus gallon pools must then be refilled and have their chemicals re-balanced before it can re-open. Again, the pool is expected to re-open later this week. An announcement will be made when the pool is safe for use.

Anyone caught with glass will be subject to being restricted from pool access, and will be charged for the FULL COST OF DRAINING & CLEANING in the event broken glass is found.

Draining and cleaning the pool due to broken glass can be a costly and long endeavor affecting everyone’s opportunity to enjoy the pool in the heat of the summer. We ask anyone who sees someone with glass in the pool area, notify the pool attendant and/or board immediately.  The HOA will be checking security cameras and fob access records to possibly identify any violators.

It is imperative that glass of any sort is kept out of the pool area for the safety of everyone.