Pool Fob Re-Registration Make Up Dates

In an effort to help the residents who were unable to come to the prior pool fob registration days, the board has scheduled three make up days. Volunteers will be at the pool May 31 – June 2 to reactivate pool fobs at the following times:

  • Friday, May 31 – 3:30pm till 7pm
  • Saturday, June 1 – 10am till 4pm
  • Sunday, June 2 – 10am till 4pm

If you would like to have your pool fob reactivated sooner, or cannot make these make up dates, the property owner may email or mail Timmons Properties a picture of your pool fob along with a completed Welcome Letter form. Send the requested information electronically to cvielhauer@timmonsprop.com or by mail to:

Timmons Properties
c/o Cara Vielhauer *updated
2200 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212

Ensure that the picture shows the full number sequence clearly.  If your pool fob has all the numbers worn off you will not be able to follow this process and will need to coordinate with a pool committee member to meet at the pool house.  You can do that by emailing pool@bentcreekhoa.org.

If your HOA account is not current, all owed money must be paid in full before pool access can be granted.  Having a delinquent account does not impact the registration process just pool access, and is covered in the Pool Rules.