Storm / Tree Damage Clean Up and Falling Water Entrance Update

The Falling Water entrance construction had to be suspended today due to the heavy rain we had last night. Construction is scheduled to resume this coming Monday (4/3). Please plan to use an alternate entrance / exit on Monday because Falling Water will be closed. We will contact WCS to notify the school bus drivers.

Also, we have suffered through multiple major storms this year resulting in tree damage throughout our community. Early in January, we contacted multiple companies to evaluate availability and cost for clean up. Since we secured an agreement, additional storms came through causing more damage. The list has grown considerably.

Another challenge our vendor has faced is getting their equipment onto HOA property. The ground hasn’t had a chance to dry out enough to get the required equipment where it needs to be. They were set to take care of it this weekend until this major storm came through last night.

We are staying in constant communication with our vendor and hope to see our community cleaned up very soon.