Street Tree Announcement

It is very obvious that the street trees within our community need immediate attention and the Board has been developing a plan to address the problem.  As a reminder to homeowners, street trees are the responsibility of each homeowner who has a street tree in front of their home.  We have a few varieties of trees that grow differently, and the trees have not been maintained as they should be. 

There are HOA guidelines and Town codes pertaining to street trees, but it has not been a problem until recently as the trees are aging and growing.  Therefore, the Board has decided to implement a level set where all of the street trees in the community will be pruned and shaped.  In addition, a number of trees have been identified as needing to be removed and they will be replaced.  No homeowners will be billed for these services during this project.

LSI has been awarded the contract to perform the work which is already underway.  They were able to begin sooner than expected so we weren’t able to give advanced notice.  As stated, this is a level set to get the trees where they need to be and then it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain them going forward.  As trees need attention, the homeowner will be notified and given limited time to address.  If the homeowner does not comply with trimming their trees within the allotted time window, LSI will take care of it and the homeowner will be billed a minimum of $125.00 per tree for the service.